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Basic Goals for Preschool

Every child is unique and develops at their own pace! Here is a basic list of goals to work towards during a child's preschool year. Preschool aged children can start learning to...
  • Obey parents and others in authority
  • Communicate in sentences, ask and answer questions, say full name
  • Talk about position and direction (left, right, under, over, in, out, etc.)
  • Explore, observe and talk about the world around us
  • Help with simple chores
  • Work with others
  • Work independently and ask for help when needed
  • Learn how to play with friends of all ages
  • Practice modesty, manners and kindness
  • Listen, share, and take turns
  • Self care without help (eating, toilet, dressing, hand washing, etc.)
  • Safety (what not to touch, stay away from the street, stranger danger, etc.)
  • Enjoy music and sing simple songs
  • Develop a sense of humor
  • Enjoy books
  • Play with sounds, numbers, letters, colors, textures, clocks, and timers
  • Count objects
  • Explore rhymes, same and different, big and small, light and heavy
  • Tell stories, beginning, ending, what comes next, cause and effect
  • Remembering numbers, names, letters and sounds, I Spy, hidden pictures
  • Begin to read and trace words with three letters, names of family members
  • Fine motor skills (beading, building, stirring, squishing, cutting, pouring)
  • Draw a person with six parts, using basic shapes (i.e., cross, circle, lines)
  • Understand real and pretend, alive and not alive
  • Gross motor skills (jumping, swinging, catching, throwing, tricycle riding, games)

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